BioFibre Hair Implant

BioFibre Hair Implant is an innovative method which is now helping men and women to win the age-old battle against hair loss. Biofibre is biocompatible (compatible with the human body) artificial hair which is CE Certified for Hair Implant. It is a safe and effective medical technique to combat the baldness problem both in men and women.

This technique is suitable for any age and even for those who are completely bald. It is also popular among those who are not suffering from a significant level of hair loss but simply wish to enjoy fuller, thicker-looking hair. This hair restoration treatment has a great level of flexibility, as patients can choose as many or as few hair implants as they wish. This method of hair implant gives you an instant result and no more waiting period for hair growth is required as these are artificial hair.

It is classed as a minor surgical procedure. These hair implants look identical to natural hair. They should be maintained with quality hair products, just like your natural hair. They are very resistant and do not break easily. This implant is recommended for hair thinning or androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness), scarring alopecia. It can be used in conjunction with other hair restoration techniques when required.

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