Light Therapy

No Touch’ Hair Restoration
In many cases, certain wavelengths of light can restore dormant hair follicles and improve hair density. Come in at lunchtime, and go right back to work.
Advantages of Laser Light Therapy:
•This cutting-edge approach has no physical impact, so no one will know you’ve had hair restoration work done
•Laser Light Therapy for hair loss is a totally non-invasive option. Just sit back for each 25-minute session, and listen to your tunes
•This is an especially helpful therapy for women, for reducing follicle ‘shedding’ and increasing hair density
Laser Light Therapy Works Best for:
•Genetic forms of hair loss, pattern balding, and alopecia (‘spot baldness’, an autoimmune skin disorder)
•Those with thinning hair, rather than people who are completely bald
•Men and women who choose not to undergo hair transplant surgery, or for whom a transplant is not an option for medical reasons
•Laser Light Therapy is not likely to be useful for individuals with long- term and progressive balding, or those diagnosed with skin cancer or certain other conditions


At each 25-minute treatment at our office, your scalp is subjected to 12 minutes of red light, and 12 minutes of green light, set at optimum wavelengths for maximum results
The procedure is completely painless, while you relax, read, or listen to music
The standard schedule is twice a week for the first six weeks; twice a month for the next 3 to 6 months; and maintenance treatments of at least one treatment per month thereafter to maintain the progress you’ve made
Over time, there is an improvement in the number/density of follicles, thickness of individual shafts of hair, and restoration of dormant follicles into an active growth phase, for overall greater hair volume


•Laser light therapy for hair loss is FDA-approved and safe, with no harmful UV rays or radiation
•The greater the frequency of ongoing maintenance treatments, the better the long-term results you can expect
•Stopping treatments may impact the gains you have already achieved from Laser Light Therapy
•Laser Light Therapy may also be used in conjunction with hair restoration surgery for enhanced growth and survival of transplanted follicles. This is an especially helpful approach for women
•Results may vary, depending on an individual’s health profile, genetics, and other factors

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