martGraft FUE Hair Transplant in Casablanca


• Good for both men and women
• Shorter harvest time
• Minimally Invasive
• Little downtime
• No linear scar
• Less transection than other hand-held devices
• Natural, permanent results
• Ideal for small cases
Dr Casablanca’s Hair Restoration Facility is the first and unique facility to offer SmartGraft® in Morocco and even in Europe so far which is a brand new highly advanced FUE hair restoration procedure. After much consideration, we are excited to offer this new technology as one of our many viable hair restoration solutions. Because our goal is to meet every patient’s needs and expectations, The SmartGraft® delivers a satisfying, natural result at a price point patients can afford.
One of the things that sets the SmartGraft® apart is that the hair follicle is suctioned in one fluid motion, and immediately stored in a temperature controlled, moisturized storage device. This cuts the harvest time in half, meaning that follicle survival is dramatically increased and human fatigue is greatly reduced. This keeps transection to a minimum.
Another advantage is that only small portions of the donor area need to be shaved. This is a plus for patients, especially women.
It combines as well innovative hair follicle extraction technology with precise surgical placement in order to bring patients scarless, natural-appearing results. Through the use of the SmartGraft machine, hair grafts can be precisely extracted and automatically placed into a holding canister that immediately counts, sorts and moistens the delicate hair grafts which avoids people to be scammed about how many grafts they will be transplanted, the computer screen of the machine tells you how many grafts were harvested and will be transplanted, most hair restoration centers offer very discounted prices for FUE hair transplant pretending to offer 4000-5000 grafts for 1500€, which makes it impossible in term of cost and effectiveness, the customer is told it’s 5000 grafts transplants but the customer would rely on what is told not what he sees, “ it’s actually a big scam nowadays happening in turkey and other cheap facilities”, The Smatgraft is This state-of-the-art moistening and storage process which reduces the hair graft processing time and equates with a higher survival rate of the implanted hair grafts. The extremely advanced and streamlined process translates into patients having a more natural-appearing hairline and improved overall hair Restoration results.”
While it is a minimally invasive surgical procedure (it’s performed under local anesthesia, so you are awake during it), Dr. Tawfik Sefrioui says most patients are very comfortable during both the extraction and insertion process since the sites remain completely numb during the entire procedure.
He is actually one the customers who underwent Smatgraft hair transplants and you can watch his live video throughout his surgery. “In fact, many patients often take a nap, read a book or watch television during the procedure. The SmartGraft device allows precise and gentle removal of the donor hair follicle grafts, as well as immediate storage of them in a sterile, controlled environment. After all the hair grafts have been extracted, they are prepared and implanted using tiny incisions that are no larger than a pinprick.”
Like most procedures , the downtime varies for everyone and really depends on the amount of hair you have placed (i.e. the larger the number of the grafts placed, the longer it may take for swelling and inflammation to resolve), but, in general, after the single-day treatment is completed, you can expect some swelling for a few days. “Most patients can resume normal activities within a few days, but the grafted and donor areas should be protected for several weeks following the procedure,” Dr. Tawfik says.

SmartGraft Vs NeoGraft

When considering hair restoration, it is important to understand the differences between the two leading FUE procedures on the market today, SmartGraft and NeoGraft. SmartGraft and Neograft are two automated hair restoration procedures that both utilize Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) to restore your hairline and fill areas of thinning. However, SmartGraft and Neograft differ in a technological point of view, as SmartGraft is the latest and greatest type of follicular unit extraction; it is the most advanced automated hair restoration system.
SmartGraft was designed and developed as a solution to overcome the shortcomings of Neograft. SmartGraft has the ability to automatically count, sort, and store the hair grafts. The SmartGraft technology also moistens the hair grafts with a sterile saline mist while waiting to be transferred to the recipient location. It is also able to reduce treatment time by one-third in comparison to NeoGraft. The SmartGraft system is able to implant hair grafts quicker than ever before, thus increasing the rate of success and providing patients with natural-looking results. SmartGraft is designed to deliver natural, long-lasting results. It also allows Dr. Sefrioui to have the ability to perform micro hair restoration in a more efficient and safe way, providing his patients with significantly less downtime than with NeoGraft.


Dr. SEFRIOUI and his team will check in with you after your procedure. It is normal for the area to feel a bit tight and itchy after the procedure. Minor discomfort can be treated with over the counter Tylenol. However, if your pain is unbearable, please call us immediately.
A pressure dressing will be applied to the back of your scalp where grafts were harvested. This dressing should remain in place for two-days. After two-days, you may remove the pressure dressing. All donor sites should be closed up and on their way to healing. Itching can be relieved with the Copper K Calming Spray. Regular activity can be resumed two days after the procedure, but wait two-weeks to resume weight lifting and intense workouts. At two weeks your grafts have healed and you can wash your hair normally. You may resume coloring your hair six to eight weeks after your procedure.

As director the Casablanca’s Hair Restoration he has established a practice dedicated exclusively to providing the very best hair loss treatments, including medical and surgical treatments for hair loss. As part of this commitment, patient education and the highest standards of care are his first priority. Dr. Tawfik Sefrioui personally consults with every patient and is always supported by an exceptionally experienced team of nurses and technicians specialized in hair replacement surgery.
Dr. Tawfik Sefrioui focus on state-of-the-art medical and surgical techniques and dedication to patient advocacy has firmly established him as well as a leader in the field of hair restoration in Casablanca.

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